How to Un-snooze Someone on Facebook

Are you tired of missing out on updates from your friends on Facebook? Maybe you accidentally snoozed someone and now you want to undo it. Don’t worry, in this article, we will guide you through the steps to un-snooze someone on Facebook and start seeing their posts again.

Facebook’s snooze feature allows users to temporarily hide someone’s posts from their News Feed. It can be useful when you want a break from someone’s updates, but it’s not a permanent action. If you’ve decided that you want to start seeing someone’s posts again, you can easily un-snooze them. Let’s explore the process step by step.

What is Snooze on Facebook?

Snooze is a feature on Facebook that allows you to temporarily unfollow someone’s posts without unfriending or blocking them. When you snooze a profile, their posts will not appear on your News Feed for a certain period. It gives you a break from their updates without permanently disconnecting from them.

Steps to Un-snooze Someone on Facebook

Accessing Facebook Settings

To un-snooze someone on Facebook, you need to access the settings. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Facebook website on your computer or launch the Facebook mobile app.
  2. Log in to your account if you haven’t already.
  3. On the Facebook homepage, click on the small arrow at the top right corner to open the drop-down menu.

Finding Snoozed Profiles

Once you have accessed the settings, you need to find the list of snoozed profiles:

  1. From the drop-down menu, click on “Settings & Privacy.”
  2. Select “Settings” from the expanded options.
  3. In the left sidebar, click on “News Feed Preferences.”
  4. Choose “Manage Snooze.”
  5. You will see a list of profiles you have snoozed.

Un-snoozing a Profile

Now that you have located the snoozed profiles, follow these steps to un-snooze someone:

  1. Scroll through the list and find the profile you want to un-snooze.
  2. Click on the “X” icon next to their name.
  3. A prompt will appear asking if you want to un-snooze the profile. Click on “Un-snooze” to confirm.

Congratulations! You have successfully un-snoozed someone on Facebook. You will start seeing their posts on your News Feed again.

Benefits of Un-snoozing a Profile

Un-snoozing someone on Facebook can have several benefits:

  • Stay connected: By un-snoozing someone, you can stay connected with their updates and not miss out on important events or announcements.
  • Rekindle friendships: If you snoozed a friend, un-snoozing them shows that you want to re-engage and maintain a stronger bond.
  • Personalized content: By un-snoozing, you can tailor your News Feed to include posts from people you care about.

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Snoozing someone on Facebook is a convenient feature to temporarily hide posts from your News Feed. However, if you change your mind or want to reconnect with someone, un-snoozing them is a simple process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily un-snooze someone and start seeing their updates again.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I un-snooze multiple people at once?

No, Facebook currently does not provide an option to un-snooze multiple profiles simultaneously. You will need to un-snooze each profile individually.

How long does a snooze last on Facebook?

When you snooze someone on Facebook, you can choose the snooze duration, ranging from 24 hours to 30 days. After the selected period, the snooze will automatically end, and you will start seeing the person’s posts again.

Will the person know that I snoozed and un-snoozed them?

No, Facebook does not notify the person when you snooze or un-snooze them. It is a private setting that only affects your News Feed.

Can I un-snooze someone from the Facebook mobile app?

Yes, the process to un-snooze someone is the same on both the Facebook website and the Facebook mobile app. You can follow the steps mentioned earlier in this article to un-snooze someone from the app.

What happens if I unfriend someone on Facebook?

Unfriending someone on Facebook is different from snoozing them. If you unfriend someone, you will be completely disconnected from their profile, and they will no longer be your Facebook friend. Un-snoozing is specific to temporarily hiding posts from your News Feed and does not impact your friendship status.

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